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Far Cry 3

by Ubisoft

genre: action, fps, adventure

Stunning setting. Open world. Fun. 4 out of 5 stars!



Far_Cry_3_PAL_box_art(Taken from Expert Reviews)

[Far Cry 3] is an open-world shooter set on an island somewhere between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The game starts off with quite a jolt. After a montage of you and your friends drinking, partying and skydiving, having the time of your lives, you wake up chained to a bamboo cage with a Mohican-toting madman standing over you.

You’ve been captured by pirates, and it’s up to you, Jason Brody, to rescue your friends and get the hell off the island.


This was a fun game. Emphasis on the fun. It was good, it may even touch on great, but I think the best word to describe it was fun. Quick note, this game is mature. It touches on sensitive themes such as human trafficking and slavery but also has some nudity and sexual references (including nonconsensual ones).

Something everyone agrees on is that the island is stunning. It’s menacing and alluring. There is so much to explore (I didn’t even explore that much and was still impressed). You hunt animals which help you craft items, there a mini-games and quests to do, you also climb radio towers and liberate outposts for the Rakyat people. And this is separate from the main plot.

As a story girl, I love plot. So… I didn’t feel like Far Cry 3 held up in the same way other games such as Bioshock Infinite did. The best character by far was Vaas. I really disliked Jason. The group of white friends all seemed shallow but they didn’t have to be. I wish there was more development in that regard. The only real contact we had with them was in the act of saving them. And Liza…well I didn’t mind her but Jason was just a real douche. I guess it was part of the ‘getting lost in the jungle’ thing.

The story felt inconsistent. The world was brilliant, beautiful, and exciting. But the stories that accompanied the plot changed in tone so dramatically. There are such dark and terrible plots like the rape one and all the slavery business. But at the same time there are scenes where you are burning weed farms with happy carribean music (which was a very fun mission). I don’t know if this was on purpose to break up the heavy plots but it kind of made the plot feel less believable. Like there were too many contrasting elements. I read this great article about how to fix the Far Cry 3 story, for those who have played and are interested HERE. It all has to do with Vaas as well!

Another gripe about the story was the Rakyat/islander people. I didn’t like how Jason was so amazing, special, and powerful because of the “tatau” when these islanders were tattooed all over! He was a spoiled white kid from America, how would he catch on so quick compared to these people who were born and raised off the land? You’re always helping them. You kind of become like an idol. It just…they just came across too helpless for my liking.

One aspect I really liked about the game were the drug scenes. The hallucinations were beautiful and different. I hadn’t experienced that effect in a game before. I think it was really well done and made the scenes stand out. Although, I didn’t like how often in those scenes I felt like I was just walking forward and watching. It was a good thing it was beautiful. Also, the demon scene was probably the creepiest thing in the game. When the lights go out…ergh.

Something that frustrated me was how I always felt like I was runnning out of ammo. There were a few missions that I was just crawling over bodies and knifing people because I had ran out. I know in each waypoint you can stock up, but as I raced through the story, I didn’t always go back to them.

Since I had played Tomb Raider 2013 in the last few months, the two games had the same islander/ancient ruins setting. They are both great for different reasons. I liked how Tomb Raider’s story was faster paced and everything seamlessly rolled from one scene to the next. Far Cry 3 will appeal to those players who enjoy an open world better. There is much to see and experience! There ar so many hours of content separate from the story for those who are interested. For me, it wasn’t interesting enough.

Far-Cry-3-hanggliderEven if you didn’t want to, you had to hunt animals and skin them (…although the anmiation is you grabbing a hunk of meat?) This was because it allowed you to craft weapon, ammunition, and syringe bags. At one point I was hunting animals like crazy because I was so far in the story but I could barely carry anything on me. Maybe that was why I always ran out of ammo? While the bag crafting is necessary, you can also craft syringes which give you special enhanced abilities. I didn’t use these much and to play you didn’t need them. But I can imagine with the right combinations, they could add to the gaming experience.

I didn’t like the boss scenes where we just button smash. If the button smashing was super fast and required some skill, then maybe I would feel a sense of satisfaction. But I really didn’t with the button clicking. I loved how in one of the fight scenes you had to kill the hallucinations repeatedly. This still allowed us players to use our FPS and be fast enough to get them all without having to resort to a button-clicking finale. Which…unfortunately it still resorted to afterwards.

With the two endings, I wasn’t too impressed with either. The bad ending (saw it on Youtube) had me laughing. Pretty hilarious. But the good ending…left me feeling mixed. I really disliked how they shaped Citra’s character. I felt like her personality in the bad ending was much more consistent.

Multiplayer was a really fun aspect of the game. 1-4 players can do it and you can make private games or public ones over the internet. I noticed some bugs from time to time, which kept it from being absolutely great. But I seem to struggle finding fun multiplayer campaign games that do it well. It’s definitely worthwhile to check out and has clearly a lot of effort put into it. The story is much lighter in tone but it’s a fun ride.

Overall, the visuals and the world were by far the best aspects of this game for me. The characters were average but with Vaas being fantastic. This is a great FPS adventure game for those who want to have fun and be free to roam the world. I definitely noticed that while at first I wasn’t that impressed, the island and gameplay sucks you in. I would have liked a stronger, more consistent plot and that is why I knocked the score down a little.

4 out of 5 stars

This game is for you if you:

  • Enjoy FPS games set in beautiful, tropical worlds
  • Want to enjoy a free roaming world and take the story at your own pace

This game is not for you if you:

  • Want a ground-breaking story and main character
  • Really dislike sensitive themes such as slavery and human trafficking

 Ermisenda Alvarez

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