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Sorry for the delay today. It was meant to be Eliabeth’s turn this week and I can’t seem to get in contact with her. I (Ermisenda) have jumped in.

I urge people to join in, comment with your paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. It doesn’t have to follow my story or reflect the same themes. It can be a poem or in a different language (provide a translation please :) ). Anyone who wants to join in, is welcome. This photograph will be reblogged under Ermisenda on tumblr and added to the Picture it & Write gallery on Facebook and Pinterest.

Please continue to write however you’re inspired, but add a tag to the beginning of your post if there’s mature content in order to keep Picture it & Write an engaging event for all of our followers.


by David Talley

The bruises on my wrists darkened as the light from the sky extinguished. The slashes on my back continued to sting. Whenever the sea water lapped at an open wound, I cringed. I wanted to crawl away but all my energy had been sapped from me with the whipping.

My fingers dug deep into the sand as I wept. Even with the excruciating pain, I found some solitude. My mind drifted to my beautiful beloved. After all, it was due to our love that I had been left here to rot. White trash like myself was still not suitable for a woman of colour.

The water continued to caress my legs. Then I suddenly tensed. It was not water, there was someone touching my skin. Vulnerable, I tried to close into a fetal position. Was it the men of the village coming to finish the job or maybe my beloved coming to save me? Before I could catch their face, my vision went black.

 Ermisenda Alvarez

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