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_67002886_2023The title isn’t a metaphor or a symbol for anything. One must take it literally. Would you like to live on Mars? If so, then Mars One (a Dutch company) is setting up a permanent home on the planet to house humans. The catch is, you can never come back to earth. Would you want to go?

The idea of living on another planet sounds cool. But to stay there forever? To die on Mars? That seems so stupid to me. I thought that no one would send applications in but look how many there are… HERE. There is even a rating system so people can rate how much they’d like to see these individuals on Mars.

Not only do you get sent to Mars, you live the rest of your life there, but it’s going to become a ‘show’ of sorts. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they are planning to make a TV reality series on the individuals and have substantial media coverage. The settlement should be finished by 2023 they believe. My head still struggles to grasp this. How futuristic? Doesn’t it seem otherworldly?

If this does pull through, I’d be interested to see the stories of these individuals who do go over. Although, I don’t think they will be too interesting. The TV show will be another version of Big Brother, but a lot more isolated. There’s not much you can do on Mars. Would you want to live on another planet? Maybe it would be the ultimate getaway for a writer. πŸ˜› Don’t writers often run away to cabins to write for months at a time to create their masterpiece?

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– Ermisenda Alvarez