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I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to want to jog an entire 5K as a New Year’s Goal; I knew it wouldn’t be easy but it’s given me a new appreciation for runners, even more for the elderly ones.

At the Hotcake Hustle in January, my group was passed by an elderly woman using a cane to help her with her boot-cast. Though it was a different woman and no cane, I met another Superwoman at the Melon Dash this Saturday. I saw her ahead of me and jogged, slowed to a power walk, she passed me, I jogged, and the pattern repeated until she pulled away from me at the 2 mile mark and the most I could do was drag my feet and try not to die of heat stroke.

It really puts my athletic ability into perspective, but I’m coming for you Super Women!

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

The Melon Dash benefited the North Texas Cat Rescue. In addition to Eliabeth’s competitive nature, she really enjoys being involved in the community. See more on the Community Involvement page.