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fourwaysGoing through and editing my stories, I have found this webpage to be a great tool for punctuating dialogue. It’s so easy to read, simple to use, and I love that there are subheadings. I was able to remind myself of how capitalization works within dialogue when the speaker tag comes first. This page was shared to me by Anne Schilde and I found it also simple and easy to use.

When you’re writing, you don’t want to have to read a novel of grammar rules. We want something easy and simple to flip to. If not, the flow of our writing and/or editing will be severely interrupted. For any writer who wants an easy reference on how to punctuate dialogue, visit ‘Be a Better Writer‘ or ‘Absolute Write‘. It’s always important to triangulate your information. In other words, make sure other sources of information also agree.

So much of a writer’s life is taken up by editing. We may as well get it right! Do you have any easy-to-use editing reference webpages to share?

– Ermisenda Alvarezdialogue-troll