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Welcome to a special edition of the creative writing prompt, Picture it & Write. As tomorrow kicks off our second Blind Sight Blog Tour, we’ve decided to showcase one of the most important elements in the  Blind Sight series, that there are two sides to every story.

Old Woman Young Woman Optical IllusionEliabeth
At first I thought I saw an old hag, withered with wrinkles and age. How could I have been so wrong? On second look, I saw a young woman; it had been the odd curve in her jaw and strangely shaped ear that had made me see her as someone else. I could not catch her eye, for she was turned away, her pretty little nose turned up as though embarrassed to be in our presence. I couldn’t blame her, for we were not dressed like her. Where we wore tattered dresses with holes in our stockings and daisies in our hair, she had a pretty choker and a mink coat draped around her shoulders. There was a feather in her cap and a veil covering part of her hair. She had so much life in her, but I wondered how happy she was.

A beautiful young woman caught my eye. When I turned my head to take a closer look, I flinched at what I saw. Something in the light had tricked me. There was not a young woman but an aging, widow. I guessed she was a widow because she was draped in black from her hat, the fur on her shoulders, and dress. Age was reigning its ugly head.

I couldn’t imagine the day that I too would decay. There was only sadness in her eyes. Her gnarled nose was her most prominent feature. The heaviness of depression was shifting from her to me. What a curse it was to grow old. She looked like she was just waiting to die.

Confused? Remember, there are two sides to every story.