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Want to be wowed? Check out these amazing liquid drop artworks. Check out more work here by Corrie White from the Netherlands. I’m tempted to use one of these for a Picture it & write on of these weeks (maybe the White Lady?).

I love being amazed by such original ideas. It was near impossible to just select a few great pieces of hers. See the rest of her portfolio or share your favourite piece from down below.

They make me think about some kind of wacky sci-fi world. Otherworldly fungi, tiny water spirits, and the like. What do they remind you of? Does it inspire you at all?

Ermisenda AlvarezLiquid Drop Art pichomeLiquid-Drop-Art-4 Liquid-Drop-01 liquid-drop-art-corrie-white-8 Untitled-1 copyliquid-drop-art10 ladywhite