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I love Ed Sheeran. The song that I love the most from him right now is ‘Give Me Love‘. When I opened it in YouTube to listen to it, I read the top comment. It suggested to open up a website called RainyMood while playing the song. I did and it was surprisingly amazing.

What is RainyMood? It’s just a website that plays the audio of a realistic storm. Having it as an accompaniment for your favourite moody/romantic/meaningful song can heighten the experience. It was something that I thought was really cool because I love the sound of rain. I always find it easier to sleep when it storms. Maybe it can substitute as a sleeping tablet for some of you? 😛

I started to write on an individual project of mine (currently titled Desert Queendom) and having the rain in the background was not only relaxing but inspiring. It doesn’t distract like songs do because there are no lyrics. The sounds don’t dramatically change even though the storm evolves. The hush of rain spoke to me as a writer. Who would have thought?

Have any creative ideas on how you could use the website RainyMood? Does it inspire you to write? What song did you pair it with?

– Ermisenda Alvarez