Even though though none of my characters are based on real people, events in the book are inspired by real events. While I never want to write my inner Eliabeth into Blind Sight, it’s fun to add certain experiences. That hot dog incident when Cris teases Ana about microwaving it for 4 minutes… that was me. I misread “cool for 6 mins” as “cook for 6 mins.” When our parents left me to babysit my younger brother, he was the one who cooked dinner.

Last night, I killed a cockroach with windex. When you can’t find Raid, you use what you’ve got on hand 😉 Not sure which character to give that little moment to yet. Ana wouldn’t know where to find cleaning supplies, Nate would have no qualms about squishing it, and Tatiana would take great pleasure in planting it in Ana’s bed. Maybe I should start turning those into Picture it & Write contributions instead.

image from Burnin' Love BBQ

image from Burnin’ Love BBQ

Have you ever written real life events into a fictional piece? What’s one anecdote from your life you would give to a comedic relief character?