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Dear beautiful followers (I unconsciously typed flowers first, peculiar… πŸ˜› ) and readers. I have a question for you all!
Confused Baby
I, Ermisenda, have a crazy mind with too many ideas. Too many projects and sprouting from every pore of my skin. Recently, I have been debating over two new projects to embark on. While they will not be directly Ermilia related (because Eliabeth already has her plate full), I will like it related to writing/books and the like.

I’m confused and need your help.

My two proposals are…

1. Youtube Channel

I feel like there will be a point in my life where I will start a real channel and attempt to win the Youtube channel realm. πŸ˜› I’ll be the greatest booktuber ever! I’m not sure how successful that would be though. Since Ermilia runs a blog and naturally we do a lot of typing…do any of you think it would be fun/beneficial/exciting to see some youtube videos from me (Ermisenda)? If so, what would you like the videos to be about?

At the moment I have three broad categories:

  1. Question and Answer (Q&A). You guys ask questions, I answer them. Can range from favourite colour, top ten books, or what I ate for breakfast.
  2. Book/Game Reviews. Rather than just typing out the reviews there would also be a visual medium available.
  3. Reading out loud excerpts from novels. It would most likely be the first chapter of a novel you vote for. Also, we are likely to make a video where I read chapters of Leocardo’s side for those who enjoy audio more than reading text.

2. RP Site (Role Playing Site)

For those of you who are not familiar with this kind of site, get prepared for awesomeness! This type of site is where Eliabeth and I met each other. It is also the crowd I hung out around for many years because I enjoyed writing in these communities so much.

So, a forum is made where a world is created. The old RP I had a few years ago was set in a post-apocalyptic world whereby a disease had killed more than half of the humans. In this world there were also clones (developed by humans prior to the outbreak to do the crap jobs). Clones were largely unaffected by the disease. Instead, they gained enhanced abilities/super powers. Those few humans who survived were also granted super powers. But now there was a power balance issue since clones wanted to take over but the humans wanted to keep what had been theirs for so long. The link to the site is here. As you can tell, it’s not active but that gives you an idea of how I had set out the site. It’s rather dark (might be hard to read for some users). Here is another example of a different role playing site (also not active anymore).

When you register, you create your character. The name of your character should be the name of your account. From there you apply to get your character approved. You will have to fill out some basic details. After that, an admin will approve you to post in the other topics. In the case of The Epidemic, you can see that there are different cities in different countries. You start a topic in ‘Dios’/’The Streets’. That is your setting. You can write a paragraph about how your character stumbles down the street and hurts themself. It’s up to other members on the forum (you, me) to write another paragraph to follow yours. A dialogue begins between the two accounts, two different characters. With about 1-4 paragraphs being written at a time.

Large scale plots can be organised (although very difficult due to reliability on numerous members) but plenty of small plots can be done. It’s great to practice writing and getting to know other members.

Only issue with this idea is setting. Fantasy, urban life, asylum, sci-fi, on a cruise ship, survival, supernatural, etc. It’d have to appeal to a majority of members that visit Ermilia since I’d love to be able to include a majority of you. The good thing to note is that regardless of ‘genre’ setting, drama is in each one of them!

confused-babySo, what do you guys think? What would you enjoy more? Remember, the RP site would probably require more activity from those who register. There is no requirement (no such thing as daily posts) but the more active members can be, the better the stories can become. Only having to post a paragraph or a little bit more doesn’t prove difficult once every few days for most individuals. On the other hand, Youtube videos are passive on your part apart from video ideas/questions.

Post your thoughts! πŸ™‚ Thanks for your help in advance.

– Ermisenda Alvarez