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blindishgtleopollSo, am I the only idiot? I want to ask fellow readers whether they knew there was a preview feature for numerous novels on Amazon. I always figured there were samples but for some reason, I always ignored the big ‘Look Inside!’ sign.

I grew up in Australia and Amazon isn’t that big over here. I know Amazon is very big in America. I rarely use it (only for the odd book purchase and Ermilia novels). Maybe I wasn’t sufficiently familiar with Amazon…did you guys know about it? Do you think it’s obvious enough?

Please expand your responses below.

Part of me always suspected, and I know I was told about the preview feature, I just didn’t remember. The preview feature (in my opinion) is a little too subtle. I think people often overlook book covers and if everyone has this ‘Look Inside’ tag, we habituate, and begin to ignore it. On the right side there is often a sample download as well. I’ve seen some books have the excerpt in the description itself. That reads better for me, but do others agree?

Expanding your answer will help a lot. This information is really useful for us authors (whether we need to have more book excerpts), but also to hopefully confirm I’m not the only idiot on Amazon. 😛

– Ermisenda Alvarez