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books: best of 2012

For me, the best books create traditions.

I recently reread Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I was not only transported back into the world of Harry Potter, I was transported home to when my family would gather in the living room and read the Harry Potter books aloud. This one is probably my favorite because of the traditions it started.

Dementors, cloaked beings who feed on happiness, were first introduced in this book. The way you recover from a dementor attack is to eat a slab of chocolate. Well, it did not take my family long to latch on to that! As we were reading, as soon as a dementor entered the story, we would pause and  hand out chocolate. Around Thanksgiving and Christmas, we made a special tweak and pretended that eggnog worked just like chocolate.

Fill in the sentence and tell us what makes the best books for you.