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Image by Zemni

Box Full of Doubt

by Eliabeth Hawthorne

Skeletons don’t always stay in closets. No matter how hard you push the door closed, no matter how well hidden you kept them while you’re alive, someone has to go through the closet when you die.

I found a box, a box full of doubt. It was not in your closet but under your bed, a box full of lies. Lies you told and I believed, things you said were lost or broken, things you said you mailed. What else did you lie about? Like a single loose thread that when pulled unravels the whole sweater, so my reality came unraveled and I began to doubt. How much of your stories were made up? It hurt to doubt you, especially because you’re not here to explain it away.

Then I closed the box full of doubt. I can never close Pandora’s box; I can never unsee what I saw. But, I can choose what I remember. I can choose to focus on the good memories, the cooking lessons, watching movies, listening to your stories. True or not, they are good memories, and focusing on the box will only taint them. It will only hurt me.


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