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Note: Ermisenda is taking over this week for Eliabeth. She will be back soon. Ermisenda may be a little late in responding to contributions, she’s in her exam period for university.

I urge people to join in, comment with your paragraph of fiction to accompany the image. It doesn’t have to follow my story or reflect the same themes. It can be a poem or in a different language (provide a translation please :) ). Anyone who wants to join in, is welcome. This photograph will be reblogged under Ermisenda on tumblr and added to the Picture it & Write gallery on Facebook and Pinterest.

Every fortnight we hope to host a photograph suggested by contributors. So, keep those photograph recommendations coming. Submit your favourite images (with credit) for next week’s Picture it & write!

Time and time again, the veiled woman would disturb me while I dreamed. She never spoke a word but she followed my every step. There was an intensity behind her gaze and somehow the beads that rained down her face made her seem more sinister. The sensual rustle of her beads taunted me. Down the dark corridor I tried to escape, but she had found me, I could hear her. Were those basilisk eyes watching me? Determinedly, I spun around to challenge her. She stared back, unperturbed. “You don’t need the veil with me, my dear. Take it off.” A chill rippled down my back; my words hadn’t left my lips, they had left hers.

 Ermisenda Alvarez

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