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 by Nora Roberts
Language of Love #43

genre: romance

Synopsis from Goodreads
Socialite Eden Carlbough didn’t expect running a girls’ camp to be easy, but she never thought she’d literally be run up an apple tree by the little monsters…nor did she think she’d come crashing down into the capable arms of orchard owner Chase Elliot. Chase knew he’d caught a windfall when he looked at the woman in his arms. He didn’t like being cast as the serpent, but how could he resist when she’d just offered him such forbidden fruit?


This is the first Nora Roberts book I’ve read and I don’t know why it took so long!  She’s an absolutely brilliant writer with vivid and believable characters.  Chase is neither a bad boy nor Prince Charming, but an amalgam of contradictions.  He’s sweet and gently but strong and brooding.  He’s both patient and incredibly impatient.  Eden is a woman to admire; she’s determined to make the best of what the world has dealt her.  Quick witted and amusing, her antics had me smiling as I listed to the audio book.  Great to listen to in the car, it’s not a heavy story that requires focus.

Good for all age groups, there was nothing risqué.  If anything, it’s a good example of an independent woman who can take care of herself and understands that love and marriage is more than just an emotion.  Eden is certainly a much better role model than Bella from Twilight.  It had some similar themes to Eolyn.  Just because you love someone does not mean they are a compatible life partner.

5 out of 5 stars.

amazonbutton2 copyYou might like this book if:

  • You like strong female leads.
  • You enjoy PG romance novels.

You might not like this book it:

  • You want the love interest to be a flawless Prince Charming.  I actually had a “*gasp* oh no he did not just say that” moment.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

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