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Hey everyone! I’m not sure if this is a weird quirk but… I’m a sniffer. I’m a big sniffer of food. Even food I have eaten many times before, sometimes I sniff. I say it’s because I’m checking if it smells good/edible rather than rotten but it’s probably more of a habit now than anything. Don’t worry, I don’t go around sniffing other people’s food. They also say that a lot of the intensity of tasting food comes from the nose, hence you can’t taste food well when you’re sick. I also sniff my partner’s neck a lot. I love the fragrance of cologne and the aroma of clean skin. 😀

But this post isn’t about sniffing food or my partner’s neck… it’s about sniffing books. Even with my food sniffing tendencies, I don’t sniff books. I have sniffed them from time to time and I enjoy the smell of a bookstore but… books themselves? Do you sniff your books? Are there all kinds of book smells? I recall my sister once shoving a book in my face to smell which she claimed smelled like prawns. It did a little.

What have been your experiences with book sniffing?

– Ermisenda Alvarez