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Is this bookstore of the future? A very cool idea although I wonder how popular it will become.

– Ermisenda Alvarez

Fullerton installs $35,000 book vending machine!!!Installed near the transit center, the hope is commuters will read during their journeys.

Fullerton Public Library’s book vending machine has a 500-book capacity. It offers older paperback bestsellers and current hardcover bestsellers selections and will be restocked as needed. About a third to one-half of the device’s inventory are donated. Only visible books will be available for checkout.

A library patron will need a valid FPL (Fullerton Public Library) card to access books at any time. The machine is fully integrated with the Main Library’s checkout system. To begin, scan the library card at Step 1, enter the book number at Step 2, retrieve your receipt at Step 3 and then collect your book. (Books cannot be checked out if there are overdue fees.)