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Listen & Write is a spin off of Picture it & Write and works almost identically.  Eliabeth will post a song and accompanying text.  We then invite you to either continue where she leaves off or create your own piece of fiction or poetry based on the music.  You might imagine your own version of a music video or write about someone listening to the song; you are only limited by your imagination.  Other languages are welcome so long as you add a translation.

If you have a suggestion for a song, leave it in the comment along with your contribution and they’ll be worked in to the line-up.

Hot N Cold by Katy Perry

Nathaniel didn’t appreciate that his romantic life could be summed up in a pop song.  Both of the Dawson girls were running hot and cold on him.  He had been closer to Ana for years, best friends even, but now she had a boyfriend and Leo was the one to take her out to concerts and Leo was the one whom she went to when she needed to talk or cry on someone’s shoulder.  Where did that leave him?  What was his role now?  Every day felt more distant.

Then there was Tatiana.  Talk about PMS.  One moment they are having a completely pleasant talk and the next thing he knows, she’s storming off, sticking her nose in his business, and leaving unwelcome presents on his doorstep.  How he would love to kiss and make up with her.