I’ve seen several “how to” update your wardrobe articles in magazines with advice like moving the clothes to the back of the closet so that the ones you don’t wear as often get shifted to the front.  If something stays in the front too long and you don’t wear it in an allotted time period, that means it’s time to get rid of it.

I recently did something similar, and I think more effective.  I took all of my clothes and put them in the trunk.  Every time I needed an outfit, I had to go to the trunk and fish it out.  Once worn, it would go in my laundry pile, get washed, and then move to either the closet or the dresser.  I’m still in the middle of moving my clothes back into the house, but already I can tell there will be some clothes left in the trunk forever unless I donate them to charity.

So why the trunk and not just shifting things around the closet?  I have a new baby!  Her name is Shira, she’s a one year old calico and with her, she brought fleas.  I’ll post pictures when I can get her to sit still long enough.
– Eliabeth