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I’m not a particularly strong believer in the validity or reliability of the Jung Personality test because whenever I’ve complete it, I change personalities. The very first personality result I ever received was an INTJ personality type. In more recent times it’s been ENTJ. There have even been a few others as well.

So, I always take the “personality description” with a grain of salt because no description truly fits me. Probably the most true trait of INTJ I hold is controlled emotions and logical thinking and for ENTJ, I always seem to find a way to add more projects onto my overflowing list when I am clearly pushing myself a bit too far and I’m incredibly driven to achieve the best. Eliabeth made a similar post about funny memes for the personality type INFJ.

Here are a couple of funny images for INTJ and ENTJ. If you’re curious and want to do the personality test, here is a link that may or may not be reliable and valid. 😛 At the very least the Jung Personality descriptions are great to base characters off if you struggle with characterization. There’s a writing tip! 😉

Ermisenda Alvarez