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AT&T is the most disgusting and deceitful business I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.  I did get my $19.95 a month that they promised, but not without causing a fuss and not without being extorted first.

You may have been around for the chaos of my move in January, but if you weren’t, this is the final post in a long saga of battling with AT&T in an attempt to get them to honor a verbal agreement.  AT&T is a company of manipulative liars full of horse manure whose only job is kick back their feet and extort you for every penny you don’t have.  Research shows that many people won’t fight back when overcharged and clearly that is what AT&T is counting on since they are willing to tell you anything you want to hear, and then slam you with a bill OVER TWICE AS MUCH as you were quoted.

Every time I hear Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri, I think of AT&T.  I even turned it into a Listen & Write post.  For the whole story, see the post: AT&T Decietful Business Practices: A once loyal customer lost.  A quick recap, I was told $19.95 a month, I spent hours that I otherwise would have spent at my job, calling AT&T and  believed lie after lie from people higher and higher up on the AT&T totem pole until at long last, my pen name made enough of a scene on social media that they gave me the price I was quoted in the first place, but not until having to pay $48 a month for the first months.  One of the lies was that I would get two months free to average it out.  (Not that 48 divided by two is 19.95, but obviously no one at AT&T can do simple math).  Still waiting for these free months I’m supposed to get.

Do not trust AT&T, ever.  You will need anti anxiety pills and goggles to protect you from all the bull they pile on.

PS AT&T, thank you so much for cutting off my grandpa’s service yesterday and not bothering to get around to fixing it today.  You’re really doing a  wonderful job.