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Listen & Write is a spin off of Picture it & Write and works almost identically.  Eliabeth will post a song and accompanying text.  We then invite you to either continue where she leaves off or create your own piece of fiction or poetry based on the music.  You might imagine your own version of a music video or write about someone listening to the song; you are only limited by your imagination.  Other languages are welcome so long as you add a translation.

If you have a suggestion for a song, leave it in the comment along with your contribution and they’ll be worked in to the line-up.  Due to time constraints, this will now be a monthly post, showing up the first Thursday of every month minimum.  Some months may have additional posts, but we’ll just see how it goes.

Still Alive from Portal

Megan hugged herself.  She rocked gently back and forth, pulling the white jacket tighter around her.  The walls were padded and soundproof, but she didn’t notice.  Nothing about her surroundings affected her at all; she lived in her head and sang to herself.

“This was a triumph.  I’m making a note here: huge success.”

Her boyfriend had dumped her for someone else, someone younger, a blond with a bigger chest.  He was her world and in losing him, he had broken her.  She’d snapped.  She wasn’t even sure where the knife came from, but suddenly she had one in her hand.  She wasn’t upset, nooo.  She was happy for him.  He had won someone “better.”  Even though he broke her heart, tore it into pieces, and threw it in the fire, she was happy for him.  She wanted him to go away.  She made him go away.  The knife sliced through his flesh as easily as scissors through paper.

While he lay dying, she was still alive.  When he was dead, she was still alive.  Still alive.  Still alive.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne