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I know some people believe in conquering your fears, and if your fear is debilitating or keeping you from activities you want to do, then I agree.  However, fear in some cases is healthy and at certain levels, reasonable.  It keeps us from doing things like running head-long into oncoming traffic.  It keeps us from winning a Darwin Award.  Where is the line?

My boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go cliff jumping.  Pretty sure he was being sarcastic because he knows I’m terrified of falling.  I can jump off the high dive into a pool, but it takes quite a bit out of me to do it and the platform board is out of the question.  He asked me why I wouldn’t want to go cliff diving and since telling him I’m acrophobic has gotten me nowhere I told him that people can die like that.  He asked where I heard that and I told him about a 1000 Ways to Die episode where… let’s just say the guy landed wrong and water went somewhere it shouldn’t.  As a female, there are two such places.

Boyfriend told me I need to stop watching the show, that I’m letting horror stories hold me back from living, but even without watching the show, I wouldn’t want to cliff jump.  I don’t want to sky dive, and I don’t want to bungee jump.  I’m completely happy riding roller coasters for my adrenaline rush thank you very much.  I don’t feel like it’s holding me back because if I want to do something, I do it.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

What about you?  Is fear rational or is it holding you back?