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Boromir finally gets to be king!  That almost made the entire movie.  I was skeptical from the previews.  I don’t know what it is about Julia Roberts, but I don’t like her later movies, but I liked the premise.  Mirror Mirror is an adaptation of Snow White.  While it’s not on the level of Ever After or Tangled, it was pretty good.

First, I have to say I absolutely hate the original Snow White fairy tale.  She is the epitome of a damsel in distress, at least the other damsels only needed to bee rescued once.  Why on earth you would want to marry and have heirs with a woman who, when she knows someone is out to kill her, still opens the door for random strangers is beyond me.  So, I was beyond relieved when the previews showed Snow White as a rebel sword fighter who saves the prince.  I can best compare it to Ever After but with some very distinct differences.

Ever After is an adaptation of Cinderella, and just like Mirror Mirror, it’s got a strong female lead as opposed to a damsel in distress.  The biggest difference is that Ever After is the story of a girl who “really lived.”  The movie has period-correct costuming and no magic fairy godmother, just a wicked step-mother and two step-sisters.  Mirror Mirror went the opposite direction.  The costuming was something that would have been at home in The Capitol of The Hunger Games movie, gaudy and over the top.  Magic played a fair role in the movie, and a large role in the plot.

If you love Snow White, it’s worth seeing in theaters, but otherwise wait and rent it.  It wasn’t fantastic, and it’s not one I want to watch over and over, but certainly worth seeing once.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

Have you seen it?  Are there other Grimms Fairy Tale adaptations you either liked or didn’t?  Tell us about them below.