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Have you ever gone to a writers’ festival? Sydney’s Writers’ Festival is on in May and I am planning to go. Suprisingly, most of the good talks are during the week and I can only manage to go down to Sydney on the weekend. I don’t really think I’m going to learn that much but I think that it would be a great place to be inspired and bathe in the atmosphere. A lot of the talks are about the authors themselves.

What I love about this festival is that so many of the programs are free, there are priced ones as well, but you can organise your schedule to get a whole day of free writers-related programs.

I have never been to a writers’ festival before but I always wanted to. This year, it seems, I will finally be heading on over to the Sydney’s Writers Festival.

So, dear readers, have you ever gone? Was it a worthwhile experience? Would you recommend to other writers and readers?

Ermisenda Alvarez