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I’ve recently discovered Dance Moms on Hulu.  I’ve only watched three episodes in the middle of the second season, so I know I don’t have the full story, but I don’t think my position would change even if I did.

If you can’t take the drama, get off reality TV.

There are certain people who are not cut out to be on reality TV.  That’s not a bad thing either.  There was one contestant on The Bachelor and Bachelor Pad 2 that admitted she wasn’t cut out for the back-stabbing and mind games that many reality shows bring out.  I think she was wise to be able to take that away from what others might view as a negative experience.

On the other hand, you have Dance Moms.  One of the mothers may or may not be engaged.  She was engaged at one point, which she told the camera in private, but then she stopped wearing the ring and refuses to talk to the other mothers about it.  Spoilers follow, and not all content is appropriate for younger readers.

In the most recent episode, she had a lawyer send letters to three of the other moms on the show threatening to sue them if they talk about her personal life.  In some respects, I can understand her desire for privacy, on the other hand, she’s on national television of her own free will.  This is not Downsized, a reality TV show about making ends meat, she is obviously well off to be able to afford to send her daughter to this dance studio, so it’s not like there’s financial pressure to be on the show.  She’s basically an actress, because let’s face it reality TV is more like amateur hour than it is reality.

Now here’s the thing that really gets me.  In three episodes, I have twice been informed that she has a full bikini wax.  She’s okay with random strangers knowing that, but not her marital status?  Seriously?  If you don’t want people talking about you, get out of the public eye.  She’s not Angelina Jolie, we’re going to forget all about her as soon as she gets off the show.


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