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WHY?  Why would you do this to yourself?

The Wall Street Journal and The Discovery Channel have an article out about Nokia’s patent on vibrating tattoos they say could replace ringtones.  “The idea is that the magnetic field would interact with the tattoo and could be employed as a ringtone of sorts — vibrating during incoming calls, when a text message is received or when the battery is running low,” the Discovery article explains.

My question is why.  Anyone who has ever been woken up in the middle of the night by drunk text messages knows sometimes, you don’t mind missing a call.  Not only that, I happen to like my ringtone.  It’s not like there’s one in the whole world and I’m stuck listening to it.  Don’t people spend money to get their favorite songs as ringtones?

Read the full article here: Vibrating Tattoos Could Function as Ringtones

Never.  Never ever will you see one of these anywhere on my body.


Share your thoughts!  Would you get a ringtone replacing tattoo?  Are there pros to getting one I’m clearly missing?