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Listen & Write is a spin off Picture it & Write and works almost identically.  Eliabeth will post a song and accompanying text.  We then invite you to either continue where she leaves off or create your own piece of fiction or poetry based on the music.  You might imagine your own version of a music video or write about someone listening to the song; you are only limited by your imagination.  Other languages are welcome so long as you add a translation.

Obviously I am inspired by songs with lyrics, but I know you might be wanting some without so starting on the next Listen & Write I will be posting from the suggestions, so leave any songs you would like to nominate in the post with your comment.  Thanks!

Take it on the Run – Reo Speedwagon

“Jenna’s cousin’s Marci overheard the woman cutting her hair that your boyfriend is cheating on you.”

The sincerity on Lily’s face was touching, but Samatha just couldn’t give much credit to her words.  “So… you heard it from a friend, who heard it from her cousin’s hair dresser that Mark is cheating on me?”  It sounded ridiculous, but it was a small town and there was nothing small towns liked more than their gossip.

Lily nodded and patted Samatha’s arm consolingly.  “Said he was out with some blonde.  I don’t believe it, but if you do, you just walk away.  You tell his lying behind to hit the road!”

“Such strong evidence, however can I refute?” Samatha asked sarcastically.

-Eliabeth Hawthorne