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Listen & Write is a spin off Picture it & Write and works almost identically.  Eliabeth will post a song and accompanying text.  We then invite you to either continue where she leaves off or create your own piece of fiction or poetry based on the music.  You might imagine your own version of a music video or write about someone listening to the song; you are only limited by your imagination.  Other languages are welcome so long as you add a translation.

I hope you enjoy the second installment of Listen & Write.  I will eventually get to where it posts on a set schedule but until then, today’s song is “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri.  (I promise to include ones without lyrics, but I had to get this off my chest.)

Eliabeth paced back and forth, threatening to wear a hole in her carpet.  Steam shot from her ears.

“What are you going to do?” Ermisenda asked, giddy that Eliabeth was livid enough to take action, but upset that AT&T was treating her coauthor this way.

The sharp tap of the keyboard was Eliabeth’s only answer as she posted furiously to Facebook and Twitter.  “They can’t treat me this way!”  She exploded, her typing become more vigorous and less accurate.  “I liked them, I DEFENDED them.  When Boy Friend wanted me to switch to Sprint, I loyally stuck by AT&T and this is how they treat me?  I am not paying $48 a month when they told me $19.95 at sign up.

“You go girl!” Ermisenda cheered.

The Thank You Economy, the book that inspired Eliabeth’s social media war against AT&T sat on the floor next to her, egging her on.

You broke all your promises. Eliabeth seethed.  Now you want me back?  You don’t get to get me back!  

“Don’t come back for me next year with your deceitful and unethical business practices AT&T,” Eliabeth posted on AT&T’s Facebook wall.  “I’m done with you.  Don’t come back at all!”

AT&T, who do you think you are?

-Eliabeth Hawthorne

Yes, I’ve had a bit of a one track mind lately as you can tell by what this song inspired.  I will go into more detail later.  I meant to have the post up detailing my experience with AT&T first, but then there was a fire at my apartment complex and dealing with that kinda took precedence.