*Rubs temples*  I guess I should start with, I understand that some overweight people have a medical condition and really do need the drastic measures.  This blog post is not about them.  It’s not even about the obesity epidemic in general.  This is about a radio commercial I heard on the way home.  I wish I could remember the name of the drug, but in trying to remember the post, I was repeating “oversized portions, drugs, oversized portions, drugs,” all the way home.

In the middle of the commercial, the narrator asks, “are you a woman who has put on weight from oversized portions?  You’re the perfect candidate for this drug trial.”  (Or something reeeealy close to that.)  This is where I wanted to throw something.

Does it not occur to anyone to cut down on the portion sizes?  I am a little overweight.  You don’t see it in pictures because I’m very selective in what I post, but I am.  I don’t want to hear any excuses about portion sizes because when I go to IHOP (my absolute favorite pancake place) I tell the waitress right when I order to bring out one pancake on a plate and two in a to-go box.  That way I’m not tempted by the other two and I don’t mindlessly eat the whole thing because I’m engrossed in the conversation and company of those around me.  I cut my burgers in half and take them home.  I live off frozen dinners and spend a little extra to get the nuts that come in little packages rather than a jar so I think twice before opening a second one rather than having to count my cashews as I eat them.  I have never once considered doing a drug trial.

I don’t have the best self control either or I never would have put on the weight in the first place.  I like my cokes and I can’t function without cream in my coffee, but I’ve been losing weight, and not by taking drugs or starving myself.  It’s a little thing called moderation.  Cut all your food in half, wait half an hour and if you’re still hungry, eat the rest.  Better yet, go eat an apple instead.  The point is, I still have coke.  I still have pizza; I still have chips in cheese dip, but I limit myself.  For the love of everything, that commercial really makes me mad.

Agree or disagree?  I’d love your thoughts.