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As part of my job for CardLab, I’m reading The Thank You Economy which talks about the right way to promote yourself and your brand across social media platforms.  If you’re an author or budding author and you haven’t read this book you need to.  You’re going to need to jump on the social media bandwagon just like the bigger businesses, but I’ll save that discussion for a review of the book.

At one point, the author Gary Vanderchuck talks about people spending money to tend a virtual farm and I scoffed until I realized that I’ve done the same thing, just not on Farmville.  I’ve had to have the latest gown on Sorority Life and though I don’t tend a virtual farm, I’m playing the medieval spin-off CastleVille.  I guess you could budget it under entertainment.  Instead of going to see a movie, you spend money on a game just like any other game (Maple Story being one of the ones I was VERY into for a while).

Have you paid for virtual goods?  Did you feel it was justified as entertainment or did you regret it later?  Have you tended a virtual farm?