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As you may have noticed, Ermisenda has been pretty much running things around here lately.  I can’t thank her enough for keeping things running, because it’s been chaos here.  I have moved and started a full time job.  I’m now working as a marketing associate for CardLab, one of the leaders in the gift card industry.  I’m quickly working my way to being in charge of website content and social media.  For those of you counting, that means I’m working three jobs right now which leaves little time for blogging.  I’m sorry and I hope things slow down soon, but I do have some book reviews coming up! …A few of them are going to be business related but who knows, they may tickle your fancy.

For example, I’m currently reading The Thank You Economy which talks about using social media the right way.  It’s MUCH easier to understand than Tweet Right so I’ll probably write up a joint review to compare them.

Then there’s been the whole issue of my internet.  AT&T is horrible.  First they promised me 19.95 a month when I signed up, then I got a statement quoting 48.00 a month.  The first customer service representative told me there was nothing she could do and that I was wrong so I called back with the intention of canceling my service.  The second customer service representative put me on hold and scurried off, supposedly talking to a supervisor but probably playing Spider Solitaire and came back telling me they could give me the 48.00 a month service for 29.99 a month for my inconvenience and misunderstanding, making me think I was getting a good deal.  Come to find out, the price they quoted on the internet is 24.99 so they’re still screwing me over.  I know this is cliche, but if you’re going to screw me, we have to be married first.

So I have to straighten that out, but it takes longer than my hour lunch break to get through the automated phone tree so I have to do it on a day I don’t have any meetings and don’t plan to eat.

Sorry for the absence, I haven’t abandoned Ermilia.  (Ermi would never let me even if I had a stroke and wanted to.)  Thank you for bearing with me.