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I was trying to research something on Wikipedia today but was stopped. Wikipedia is protesting against SOPA-PIPA. I had heard little of this issue, I don’t live in America, but news floated across the internet. Reading evilnymphstuff‘s blog post today got me annoyed about SOPA-PIPA.

I am against it, very against it. If America says yes, Australia, Europe and other continents will follow. Even if they mean to do good, people will abuse this power. Plus, as the video states (up above), corporations are already fighting against people who pirate. This isn’t about money in the end (okay, maybe a little bit about money), it’s about power. It’s obvious that the internet is powerful, probably THE most powerful tool today and people want to have control over it. No one deserves or is capable of wielding that kind of power. It belongs to every one of us.

The only thing I would be okay being censored on the internet would be the obvious horrific things – child pornography etc. But this censorship isn’t about that. I am not an expert but I know well enough that people like you and me, bloggers, writers, creative individuals will also have to pay if they censor the internet. Sign here if you would like to join the protest.

Ermiliablog is AGAINST internet censorship.

– Ermisenda Alvarez