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Once again, Happy New Year!  We’re inviting artists, photographers, and anyone else to post images of one of our Blind Sight characters to go in a gallery on the blog and on Facebook. The prize this time?  Both volumes of our debut novel, Blind Sight.

One volume is told through the eyes of Leocardo Reyes and the other through the eyes of Aniela Dawson so the first galleries of 2012 will feature them.  Entries for the contest are open through February 29.  Winners will be announced on the day of Blind Sight‘s release: March 1.  Submissions to the gallery will remain open after February 29, but will not be eligible for the contest.

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Leocardo is a 21 year-old native of Spain.  He has somewhat tousled dark brown hair, olive skin, tired brown eyes, strong brows, warm eyes and stubble for facial hair. He’s not wealthy, wears second hand clothes, and works at a bar to support himself and his blind sister. He and Odette share a pet black Labrador, (optional for the contest) who has gravitated more toward his sister ever since being drawn to the island. He’s determined to keep Odette safe even if that means risking his own life. He’s unfailingly loyal and a hard worker.

Aniela is 17, fair skinned with blue eyes and blond wavy hair down to the small of her back. She doesn’t wear much make-up but is always clean and well groomed.  She’ll bend over backwards to keep everyone around her happy, often foregoing her own desires to do so.  Compassionate, and a little naive, she’s played up as the angelic sister who never gets into trouble.  She is almost always in white or pastels, a dress when the weather permits, and while rarely in designer clothing, she does follow fashion trends.

The rules:

  • Must be original work.
  • You must have the rights to post the work and by submitting it, you give us permission to use it in the gallaries.
  • Post links to images as comments with a name or username which you would like credited and a link to your blog or Facebook page if you would like it posted.  If you need a site to upload the images to, try tinypic orphotobucket.
  • The winner is not obligated to let us use the design for anything but the galleries.
  • by submitting your work, you agree to all of the terms above and may not withdraw your submission once it has been posted.
We look forward to your submissions!