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I don’t have television, so everything I watch is either a movie or found on Hulu.  With the start of a new year comes a bunch of new seasons of my favorite shows.  With limited time, I’ve already lost interest in some of them.

Take Once Upon a Time.  It took me a little time to get into it, and now that other shows like The Bachelor are back on, I just don’t have time to keep up with it or Pretty Little Liars, another show I really liked for a time but have lost interest in.

So what do I watch?  The Biggest Loser!  I don’t know when I started watching “reality” TV, but I know Fearfactor was what started it.  I’m also very addicted to House.  I wish the girl from Joan of Arcadia had lasted a bit longer, but her character couldn’t have stood House for very long without compromising too much of her character, so I’ve accepted it.  Sometimes I watch Parenthood, more because Lauren Grahm is in it than anything.  Waiting to see if there’s another America’s Next Top Model because you already know I’m an addict.  (Why oh WHY did Alison not win?  *pouts*)

What do you watch?  Do you have any shows you’re waiting for that haven’t aired yet?  What about movies?  Anyone else really excited for The Hunger Games?  The trailer was good enough that I’ve actually gotten the book and started reading it because I’m determined to finish the book before the movie.  Even though Ermisenda has already reviewed it, I’ll be throwing in my two cents as well.