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New Year, new fun things and as our loyal readers, you guys get to have some input!  Some of the authors we know have been putting together playlists for their novels.  We decided to go a slightly different route and create playlists for our five main characters.  We’d love your input!  Blind Sight is set in 2005, so we’re not using any songs released 2006 or later.  Please keep that in mind when making suggestions.  Following are descriptions of the main character’s music tastes.  Please mention which character you’re listing a suggestion for.

*Feel free to list more than one song per character or leave out characters if you have more suggestions for some than others.

Thanks for your contribution!

Aniela – classical, opera, musicals, and similar vocal groups.

Leocardo – guitar, Spanish songs, rock but not heavy metal

Nathaniel – Popular songs from the radio, dance, party mixes

Odette – everything, the more eclectic and bizarre the better

Tatiana – piano solos, dueling pianos, indie vocalists, haunting melodies