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Happy New Year! At least to those of you currently in 2012.  The rest of you will join us shortly.

Looking Back
We started the blog in 2011 and what a year it’s been! Thank you for helping us grow not only as bloggers, but as writers.  Your contributions to Picture it & Write have been inspiring, sending chills and giggles all the way.  You’ve helped us launch our first merchandice and given us our first sucessful character gallery featuring Odette Reyes.  We started two Facebook pages, one for all things Ermilia and one for our debut novel, Blind Sight and wrote 15 book reviews.

Looking Forward
2012 is going to be amazing.  We cannot tell you how giddy we are for the new year.  Not only will we be releasing Blind Sight on March 1st, we’re sending it around the world on a blog tour.  We’ve also got an exciting twist for Picture it & Write and many more book reviews to come.

We’ve discontinued the Featured Charity of the Month on our Community Involvement page, but we’ll continue to be active through donations and charity work.  We’ve also discontinued etc! magazine.  It was fun, but time consuming and we have something much better in mind for 2012.

Books releases we’re looking forward to in 2012 include Pavarti K. Tyler’s new novel Shadow on the Wall (sneak peak coming later this week) and Open Heart the second in the Farsighted series by Emlyn Chand (read our review of Farsighted).

Other authors we know releasing books include Michelle Birbeck releasing The Last Keeper, and Harlow Coban releasing Life in Death. Author of Amazon Queen (review here), Lori Devoti is releasing a paranormal romance titled The Witch Thief.

Lastly, here is some eternally lucky bamboo to get the year started off right.

Picture it & Write posts in 1 hour.  Tick tick tick tick tick…