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The whole point of a commercial is usually to get you to buy something, but often to stick in your mind.

My all time favorite commercial is actually one designed to keep you FROM buying something:

An unshaven young man with his pants hanging low enough to see his boxers cracks eggs into a skillet startling the flies. He pours milk into the skillet and it comes out in clumps. Adding moldy cheese to the mix, I didn’t think the mix could get any worse, until he stuck a fork down his pants, scratched his butt, and then stirred the eggs with it before removing a cockroach as it continued to kick on its back.

Horrified, it was impossible to peel my eyes from the screen.  Three young men sporting long, greasy hair and tattoos sat around a table eating the eggs! A fourth male, not eating the eggs, pulls out a cigarette. The one who cooked the eggs looks at him completely stone faced and says the one line in the whole thing.

“Dude, that’s gross.”

What commercials have stuck in your mind?