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I’ve always been a fan of personalized gifts (partially because it’s hard for me to afford expensive gifts for everyone.  This year, I asked my boyfriend repeatedly what he wanted for Christmas and never got a straight answer until finally he just told me to “be creative.” “You asked for it,” I replied.  He doesn’t read this blog, but if any of you know him, don’t spoil the surprise.

First, a bit of a background.  Boyfriend and I have been together for three years as of September.  We met in Japanese class and we both have terrible luck and end up killing our lucky bamboo.  My original plan was to hand craft a bamboo plant so that neither of us could kill it and add a new stalk for every year we are together. Thankfully, I checked the meanings behind the number of stalks because I had forgotten that four is the number for death in Japanese culture, so a lucky bamboo with four stalks is the equivalent of giving someone a death wish. So, perhaps I better leave it at three.

On the off chance Boyfriend does suddenly decide to read our blog, I won’t be posting pictures until after Christmas but when I do, I’ll also write step-by-step instructions for anyone who wants to use the idea later.

The stem is looking amazing so far, anyone have ideas what material to use for the leaves?