Do you highlight your books? Do you bend the corners to mark your place? Do you draw little squiggles over the pages? Why, or why not?

I highlighted my books in high school if they were used in English. Books I own for my own reading pleasure are free of highlighting and comments. I do crease the edges from time to time but I usually prefer to slip a bookmark (which might be a shred of tissue) instead. I am not someone who thinks I am going to taint or destroy the book by highlighting, if anything I wish I did because I think it adds character to that copy. Yet, I restrain. I can’t pull myself to mark the pages. I have ripped pages out of a book before (old books I never read) to create an artwork. I have drawn over them but if they are still part of the book itself I don’t.

I am not abhorred by those who do mark, crease or highlight their books but I don’t do it myself. At least, not yet. Do you?

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Ermisenda Alvarez