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Two Moons of Sera
by Pavarti K. Tyler

genre: fantasy, romance
series novel

Synopsis: Serafay has spent her life in isolation, her mother’s water dwelling Sualwet people afraid of her and the earth dwelling Erdlander people the ones responsible for experimenting on Serafay’s mother which led to Serafay’s birth. She’s never felt like she belonged anywhere; the presence of hair separates her from the Sualwet people and her webbed toes from the Erdlanders. When she meets a man with a strange trait of his own, she realizes just how alone she’s been. His companionship comes in handy when everything familiar to her is gone in a flash.

Review: I’ve never read a series novel before, so this was a new experience. It’s odd to only have part of a novel and not get to read the next installment, but that’s because I want to read more and I want to read more now! It ends in a cliffhanger, but unlike full length novels, you don’t have to wait a year to pick the story back up.

With only three characters in the first volume (unless you count the animal companion Serafay nicknames “Monster”) there’s a feeling of intimacy as you are able to see beyond the surface. No one can accuse them of being one dimentional. Like peeling back the layers of the onion, Pavarti lets you see more of some layers than others, leaving you wanting more.  You see everything through Serafay’s point of view, so if she doesn’t have a word for it, neither do you; you have to rely on the descriptions she gives. It’s disorienting and frustrating, but that only adds to your empathy for Serafay. If I’ve read other books that used this style, they weren’t as memorable.

The plot moves at a comfortable pace and somehow Pavarti even makes the mundane chore of feeding the chickens entertaining. I’m interested to see how the romance plays out because there were only hints of it in this first volume.

4 out of 5 stars
-Eliabeth Hawthorne

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