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Books Don’t Take You Anywhere – Excerpt from article

“For years, countless educators have asserted that books give readers a chance to journey to exotic, far-off lands and meet strange, exciting new people,” Education Secretary Richard Riley told reporters. “We have found this is simply not the case.”

According to the study, those who read are not transported to any place beyond the area in which the reading occurs, and even these movements are always the result of voluntary decisions made by the reader and not in any way related to the actual reading process.

This is an excerpt from the ‘Books Don’t Take You Anywhere’ article. An enthralling article written by The Onion. It’s brilliant, isn’t it?
Even though The Onion write comical pieces of ‘Ground breaking news’ I reallly enjoyed this article. It brings in perspective (and it’s absolutely hilarious! *knee-slapping laughter erupts*). If there is a grain of truth in this witty article it’s that reading is, almost entirely, an internal experience.

Sadly (in my opinion), to some people reading is boring and they feel like they are going no where. Why does it happen that when I read I get transported to that world? Some books don’t transport me (the ones I don’t like :P). Harry Potter had me bound to it’s world so much so that I preferred it than my own.

Can people who weren’t readers as children/teenagers still engage in full-blown imaginative worlds if they start later? I think so but at the same time I know a lot of my enthusiasm for different worlds rose from my adolescence (which wasn’t that long ago…). That vibrant, imaginative and curious desire to be taken elsewhere is what clips me onto the book. Then it can take me wherever it wants.

Reading takes me places, many places. So does writing. It teaches me the skills and life lessons of the characters I read from. It allows me to self reflect and explore who I am and the society I exist in. It provides me an escape from reality to a fictional world that can sometimes, ironically, feel more real than reality. Reading does transport me, does it transport you?

– Ermisenda Alvarez