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I stumbled across these while I was on tumblr. Aren’t they amazing? Guess what they are made out of.

β€œThese peacocks borrow human mating plumage, anthropomorphically showcasing our adaptations and natural orders as their own. They are made of fake fingernails, barrettes, nail polish, false eyelashes, and jewelry to represent the choices involved in biological processes that are unique to humankind.”

I enlarged the photo (through link or double clicking the image) and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw the fake fingernails and hair clips. It looks amazing. A very strong artwork with quite a complex and profound concept. I thought I would share it with all our lovely viewers! Not only do I adore peacocks, plenty can be found on my tumblr but I love great, innovative art as well. Who would’ve thought fake nails could be such a great material to use for an artwork! Can you see the mediums Laurel used? Do you think that would make a great ornament in the house, or is it just me?

Find out more about the artist Laural Roth and the artwork here.

Ermisenda Alvarez