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(By old I mean lost in boxes from when we moved, not old as in before I was born.)

When we moved (6 years ago-ish), I was doing a fantastic job labeling all of the boxes so I would know what was in all of them when it came time to unpack. However, as it got closer and closer to time to have the house cleared out, much of my room was still a mess.  I now have boxes, never been unpacked, with labels like “under bed” and “closet floor.” Eek. I unpacked one of those boxes. Reeses peanut butter cups *eyes longingly* and make-up, both of which a threw out.

But the box wasn’t complete devoid of hidden treasures. I found the movie A Walk to Remember.  I have to be in the right mood to watch it because even though I’ve probably seen it twenty times and know how it ends, it makes me cry.  It made me look back at some of my movies I haven’t watched in years.  The Land Before Time series, Hook, Victor Victoria; it was like reliving a small bit of my childhood.


Have you rediscovered anything recently? Did this post remind you of something you would want to rediscover?  Share your childhood memories.