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Most children or teens have at one point thought the world revolved around them.  Even more do not understand that there are two sides to every story, that not everyone thinks like them.

For example, in an episode of the Gilmore Girls, Rory and Lane discuss the difficult decision of what Rory should get her boyfriend Dean for a gift.  Rory has bought a complex book by a Russian author (if I remember right).  She explains she thinks it’s romantic.  Lane compares the book to Dean giving Rory a Czechoslovakian football.  She references a time that she gave her mother perfume for Christmas.  To Lane, it meant, “here mom, you work hard; you deserve something nice.”  To Lane’s mom is said, “here mom, here is some smelly sex juice, the kind I lure boys with,” and resulted in Lane being sent to Korean Bible camp.

The same thing can be said for incentives.  Many teens cannot wait to get their driver’s license.  I had to be bribed.  But it is what my parents used to bribe me that is truly unique.  If I did not get my license, I could not go to community college until after I graduated high school.

You read that right.  I went to night classes at the community college for dual credit and my parents could no longer drive me.  So, a week before I turned 18, I got my driver’s licence.

What unique incentives have people used on you?  Did it work?