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“Already the dream was coming apart, its bright silk strands unwinding into nebulous emotions, little coloured clouds of feeling being dispersed by the movement of my waking-up mind.”
– Steven Hall

I believe dreams reveal a lot. Studying psychology has put focus on Freud and his beliefs. Although he is acknowledged, much of what he believed is disregarded such as the interpretation of dreams. I do not think that we can decipher everything from our dreams because at least for me I have some of the strangest, bizarre and often demented dreams that I do not believe reflect my mind. If so, I am definitely insane (maybe I am?).

I have had multiple dreams where I slayed zombies in a post-apocalyptic world, I have tried to escape the Titanic, I have been part of a new alien race, I was the chosen one for the Matrix, I have been romantically involved with people I have never met regardless of gender (I am currently heterosexual and in a loving relationship), I have been pregnant with an alien baby, I graduated from Hogwarts (it was so sad waking up) and I have been murdered. This is only a glimpse into how bizarre my dreams can become let alone the number of sub plots that stem from every major theme. I think that much of my creativity lives through my dreams (until written), without it I do not think I would be nearly half the writer I am (whether good or bad).

Is my subconscious trying to tell me something through my dreams? What would have Freud thought? Am I crazy?

I think people need to understand that dreams are random, the fabrics used are meaningless but woven together they can express many ideas. Some of these dreams will represent parts of your life that may not be meaningful to you but it is more than just random images, at least I am a strong believer of that. Every time I dream I can see where I pieced together the scene, no matter how strange or bizarre. I can understand what aspects of my life, past experiences or present thoughts pieced my dream together. Sometimes a bird represents nothing, it is simply noise in my dream. At a different time I know that the bird symbolised my need for flight, an escape and independence.

Dreams can tell us a lot but I think it’s up to the dreamer to delve into their mind, their subconscious and if they’re brave enough, dissect it. I know I have had dreams that I do not want to visit again, not because they were scary in the horror-movie sense of the word, but because they expressed something I did not want to think about, something I did not want to face.

Are dreams meaningful or just for fun?

– Ermisenda Alvarez