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I used to work in a bookstore called Borders in Australia before they went bankrupt and closed all their stores (*shrieks dramatically, tears stream down my face as I scream ‘WHY??? THE ERA OF BOOKS WILL NEVER DIE!). I have never been a librarian and have never been a frequent visitor of libraries (even though I would’ve liked). When my family went shopping I was always in the book store buying my books or in the gaming stores.

I found these Judgemental Book Sellers/Librarian images on the internet and I thought I would share. Some are funny, some are tacky but overall I think most people who are part of the writing community can get a laugh out of one of them! 🙂 Click.

Strangely people really did come to you with these kinds of proposals. Often they would state some obscure description such as… ‘The book has a stripey cover… it’s old… my uncle loved it… do you know which one I’m talking about?’

‘No sorry, do you have a title?’

‘Oh and it’s about a teenage boy!’

Like that is going to help me.

Strangely enough sometimes those obscure descriptions are right enough for a colleague of mine to be like ‘Oh yes I know what you’re talking about!’. It was part of the training, to understand obscure descriptions of books.

There are numerous ‘Snooki’ jokes on the site and although I find them humorous I think there are better ones. As an ex-bookseller (*begins wailing again and banging my fists against the wall.* You’ll never take me and my books alive!!!) I can really relate to some of them, and as a buyer of books I can as well. Did anyone else find one of them funny? Or, want to share my grief over bookstores closing down (and subsequently, losing jobs)?

– Ermisenda Alvarez

Eliabeth: If I could add images in the comment’s section, I would not hijack the end of Ermisenda’s post, but I really do have to share the ones that made me laugh the hardest: