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(Yep sorry I am not talking about Nano like every other blogger posting today, hopefully the post will be just as rewarding.)

I have an image I reblogged on tumblr whereby it says intelligence is sexy. I wanted to reblog it a hundred times. Intelligence is damn sexy. I don’t understand why it is often seen as “lame” and “uncool”. I even added it as a shirt on my redbubble account to promote the sexiness of intelligence.

I wanted to find some interesting ‘intelligent people’ photos. So, I typed in nerd as one of the most blatant terms for people who are intelligent. On a stock site where they keep many photographs pretty much ALL of the photographs had the models in glasses. Why? The “cool/attractive” females were in skimpy outfits, pouting or doing the puppy eyes. The males all looked blatantly “unattractive”. I chose the most stereotypical representation of what a nerd would look like. I giggle when I look at it, it’s so stupid.

Being intelligent doesn’t mean your unattractive. Being attractive doesn’t mean you intelligent. But why do these stereotypes exist? Do intelligent people innately lack fashion sense, hygiene and good looks in books or movies? Why isn’t intelligent seen as a stereotype of attractiveness in its own right?

I understand that we are humans and as humans we are visual. We make judgments, assumptions and interpretations based on what we see because without such evolutionary feats we probably wouldn’t be where we are. But just because we are visual people doesn’t mean that intelligence should be associated with an unattractive person, especially geniuses. Why are people surprised when beautiful women or men are geniuses?

Why are glasses seen as unattractive? Why has intelligence been paired with glasses? Maybe intelligent individuals study a lot and therefore wear out their eyes in their teenage years? I think that it is a genetic factor that they need glasses rather than whether they are intelligent or not. As a straight female I find both men wearing glasses and without just AS sexy as the other. Why should one be better? I grew up watching movies and advertisements where glasses made you look ‘smarter’ but all models, beautiful people never wore glasses as if it somehow flawed their beauty. People wonder why young teenage boys and girls obsess over their pimples rather than grades but it’s quite a simple message the media sends about what is more “attractive” and socially desirable.

I have known individuals who have repressed their intelligence because they think it’s desirable to be ditsy or clueless. To me that is a completely unattractive trait. I watched movies where the heroine was gutsy, passionate, often a fighter and was usually the most intelligent of the group. I always looked up to those characters because they were independent, fierce and strong in numerous ways. I was gifted with intelligence, nothing out of this world but I achieved, with little effort, good grades. I was never ashamed and instead because I valued intelligence and thought it was attractive and “superior” trait it drove me further to prove myself as an intelligent student and clever individual.

Why don’t we advertise the beauty of intelligence? Why doesn’t the media promote the beauty and value of intelligence in terms of physical attractiveness? If intelligence is sought after in terms of employment and people who are intelligent are revered then why is the stereotype of intelligent people unattractive, lame and lack fashion sense?

Just like personality, for me at least, intelligence enhances one’s appearance  by a lot. Although I am only one human being I try to promote how sexy intelligence is as I heavily complement those with smarts. If I ever had children I would remind them how attractive intelligence and knowledge is and how it often only ripens with age as oppose to physical appearance. If my partner wasn’t intelligent I wouldn’t be with him. Physical appearance is important to some extent. Personality and intelligence together seal the deal for me. Is it weird that I would find somebody whispering mathematical calculations in my ear, leading me through their exquisite artwork or discussing the complexities of life (to be blatant) hot? Maybe I am, maybe not. Whatever kind of intelligence it is I hold a strong belief. Intelligence is sexy, damn sexy.

– Ermisenda Alvarez