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Charlie Cox Runs With Scissors is a play about a man who has just found out he has a terminal illness.  He’s led a boring life as an editor rather than pursuing writing so in his last months he decides to write his memoirs. Characters representing Love and Death fight for his attention once he finds himself at a secluded motel and fill-up station, in love for the first time in his life, trying to make sense of this cruel twist of fate. The entire play was wonderful, but two quotes require special attention.

“I cried not because I was dying, but because of the life I lived.”

“I can’t be dying because I never lived.”

After watching Charlie Cox Runs With Scissors the main resonating thought was “I don’t want to feel like that.”  Now I’m not about to go sell all my things and start ticking off items from my bucket list, but it still resonates.  Go after what you want out of life, but also be realistic.  There is a balance needed between adrenaline-junky live every day like it’s your last and not living at all.

I don’t feel that being cautious means you’re not living, so long as you go after something that is important to you.  Set goals.  I believe you can balance pursing a passion and making a living if you have the drive to do both and don’t make excuses.  Writing our first novel, Ermisenda and I had many other obligations. We were both in school when we started, I spent 4 months study abroad in the middle. We live in different countries with completely incompatible time zones and at one point I was going to school full time and working three jobs in addition to writing. If you have a passion for something, you can juggle priorities, be responsible and still not miss out on life.


Agree or Disagree? What’s on your bucket list?  What have you been running away from?