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There is an endless supply of ill fated cooking attempts with me as the star.  This one just happens to be a tribute to Bill Cosby who once served his kids chocolate cake for breakfast.

No one was threatening me with a bucket of ice water, I just wanted chocolate pancakes.  Couldn’t be that hard right?  Well I rummaged around in the pantry and found muffin mix.  On the back of the mix was a picture of a chocolate bread loaf so clearly this was a multipurpose mix.  I poured it in a bowl, added the right amount of milk and poured it into a pan.  It was so thin it might as as well have been a crepe with mountains of chocolate chips sitting in the middle like pyramids.  So I added more.  In fact… I poured in the whole bowl.  Mistake number two.  This is the point of no return.  I could have poured the mix into the muffin tin and saved breakfast, but I did not.  I decided if I could not make pancakes, I was going to make a cake… on the stove.

It doesn’t look too bad does it?  I thought it was going pretty well.  I stuck a knife in it every couple of minutes to see if the middle was cooked all of the way through (I’m not totally oblivious), but after an hour the knife was still not coming out clean.  I adjusted the heat and left it alone until this horrible burning smell wafted into the living room.  Rushing back into the kitchen I flipped the burner off as fast as I could and surveyed the damages.  The knife came out clean, so there was no point in throwing the whole thing away.  I’m Scottish, we don’t throw away perfectly good food.

I scraped out what I could.

Needless to say, it looked horribly unappetizing.  I took a fork and a knife, I squished it together an voilà!  An entire package of muffin mix makes one medium piece of cake and not a very tasty piece at that.  The next time I’m craving pancakes, it looks like it’s IHOP for me.